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I can't believe I started in 2009 my DISCARDEDteenz project and I managed to stick with the name for so long! It's now my stagename when I perform and the name with which I sign both my photography & songs.

I've come a long way since I first got my second hand camera in 2009 as a birthday present and I've learned alot.

Hopefully i'll get better and post more stuff soon.

Thanks to the people who have followed me all this time!

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About the Website:

There you'll be able to read my new book called Moïra, and see all the art that goes along with it!

You'll also be able to download a chapter every week & when I get the time maybe even download my debut album too! I've made songs, written and played (acoustic guitar) by myself. Half of which are related to the book, but that's for a bit later!!

I have to say my mum has put lots of work into making this website layout & more all by herself (since my HTML/CSS skills are pretty bad). And it would make me so glad to see my deviantArt watchers and all of you other people check it out!

The writing process:

The book itself has been in progress for 6 months & is now nearly finished! Only a few chapters left to write! And though it's still a fiction, it has been an amazing research experience (being based on existing geographical situations & groups of people). Of course you shouldn't be expecting of me a bestseller since this is my first book & English isn't my first language. But I've done my best to make the most awesome, meaningful and entertaining I could!

The Story:

The book is about a 17 year old French-American Indian teenage girl who has spent her whole life moving all over the globe. But one day without any notice she is sent back to her roots to discover more about the tribe she comes from, the Makah People (northwestern tribe settled in the continental US). And soon she discovers that the boarding school she has been shipped to isn't made for normal everyday studies but for teenagers who are gifted and able to control natural elements. So as fate tests her, Moïra finds out she too can connect with the elements and is even more powerful than she could ever imagine.

The Story Behind the Book:

This isn't supposed to be an imitation of any famous fiction teen novels out there, this story actually means a lot to me as I feel a connection to Moïra who is a bit like my alter-ego. She is a girl full of sarcasm, jokes, she has an attitude and lets not forget special powers! She's a bit like a super hero with more wit and charm than you can handle.

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So dear viewers, I have successfully hoped a plane to go from one continent to an other, travelling through space from Asia to Europe and then South America for the first time in less than 1 month. Record set for me.

South America, a new territory, undiscovered spaces, and more photo's for me to take. New things I've never even dreamed to see. New places I thought I'd never discover. But here I am, at One Am sitting in front of my computer and thinking about what tomorrow will bring to me.

And so I hope you will like seeing as much as I do taking my new photographs that represent a new part of my life.

And if you are like me not knowing if you should go to bed or stay a little while you can go and see the rest of what I do. My graphic account here:


And if you are really really not sleepy or if it's day light already on your side of the world you can also check out my blog soon to be website at:

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My New Photography Account

A record of all that passes in front of me.

The last months of my 4 year life in Asia.

The begging of my life alone.

Travels, people, places, things.

Graphic Art Account



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